Johanna Byström Sims

Ravelo by Daniel Erdman, sound editor     2009

The Education of Shelby Knox by Marion Lipschutz & Rose Rosenblatt,

assistant sound editor     2005

Lady in Question by John Catania & Charles D. Ignacio,

assistant sound editor     2007

Cory McCorkle, Call for Prayer, sound editor     2007

The Favor by Eva S. Aridjis, assistant sound editor     2007
Sucker Punch by Jeff & Josh Crook, assistant sound editor     2003

Short Film
No Man’s Land by Daniel Hahn, sound editor- & designer     2009

My Dead Brain by Sarah Stuve, sound editor- & designer     2008

The Invisible Years by Gideon Boaz, sound editor     2005
Eyeshot by Diana Heise, sound editor- & designer     2005
Single Girl by Kristen Swanbeck, sound editor     2005

Celebrity Poker Showdown, Bravo     2004
In the Life, PBS     2003-2006     
Cinema AZN, AZN Television     2007   

This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow     2001
Hooked on Phonics     2008

Public Spaces
Bubbelkammaren, Nobelmuséet, Stockholm     2009
Akademiska Sjukhuset, Barnakuten, Uppsala     2010

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